Review + Live media: Her Name is Calla - Live at W2 Den Bosch

her name is callaA band with a name I know for years, but never really listened to. That was all to change last night, when they played in Den Bosch at W2 Poppodium. What a big surprise. Review + 3 live videos inside!

As a support act, first there was Ode to the Quiet. A creative mix full with different instruments and a truly astounding female vocalist. The combination of piano, soothing vocals and occasionally, a good guitar, made for an interesting listening experience that radiates true quality. They played for one full hour and was a great start for Her Name is Calla.

Her Name is Call, a no-frills band with a lead-guitar, drummer (who my girlfriend baptized to "Animal" from the Muppet show due to his explosive drumming and body language :-)  ), bass-guitar and a lovely damsel with a violin is what I saw on stage. No weird outfits, hair-styles or whatsoever. I kind of liked that, we're here for great music and that's exactly what we got. Well, how to describe their music, that's difficult. A blend of Shoegaze / Folk/ Postrock with great variety within and between the tracks, without losing a strong foundation. I kinda thought a bit of similar vocals to Danish popband Saybia, but with instrumental music that I do want to hear, instead of the poppy crap of the former band. Melancholic, sometimes dark tunes that's a breath of fresh air if I compare it to lots of other Postrock - esque concerts. I don't know how this music will sound while listening on headphones in a busy world, but live, it was a magical experience. These guys take you on a journey and you believe everything they are playing and singing. Just listen to the last track of the evening New England, a song that cultivates everything great about this band. To give a slight comparison, it's a bit like French based Kwoon. I had a great time and when they finished their set, they walked to the merch-corner and played 2 acoustic tracks for an even more magical ending to a wonderfull night of great music. Count me a fan as of now, highly recommended!

P.s: there's lots of music from these guys on their Bandcamp Page, and if you search around for a bit, there's lots of free music to be found!

Her Name is Calla - New England

Her Name is Calla - Long Grass

Her Name is Calla - Pour More Oil