Event: Boundless Festival - W2 Den Bosch

Wow, seems like Postrock is getting some more attention in the Netherlands. Discover the awesome bands that will play on "Boundless festival" April 8, W2 Poppodium - Den Bosch and read why you should come!

Boundless festival is a 1 day festival featuring six different Postrock / postmetal bands in the lovely W2 popodium venue.The W2 is a great place for Postrock in the past few years and they continue to host Postrock acts for the past few years, even if some gigs are visisted by too few people. But hey, that's a risk and reward thing that's connected to this genre. There will be 6 bands playing at Boundless festival and here's an introduction to each band:

1. All We Expected

This Belgian based band had their first major gig at the might Dunk! festival 2017 and it was a great show. Heavy riffs with melodic passages is their forté, a combination of  They just released their first long EP called "Hatar" on Bandcamp, which is an excellent piece of work that should  create a solid and enjoyable Postrock / Postmetal act at Boundless festival!

2. Mantis

If you enjoy your riffs, you're right at home with Belgian based "Mantis". A combination of Postrock with heavy guitars but an enjoyable, creative mix of riffs and rhytms. I sense some stoner elements too. Personally, I miss the emotional / melancholic appeal of the genre, but this band will sure find its footing with the Boundless crowd.

3. Last of Us

A sidenote: this band shares the same name as one of the best story driven Post Apocalyptic videogames of all -time, so it's only fitting that the music of this band sounds... Postapocalyptic :-) It's dark, brooding, Postmetal with slow build-ups, heavy thumping rhythms, some spoken words and headbanging segments. The album finisher even has some grunting in it, but it all blends well together.

4. Slow Crush

A different beast is "Slow Crush". Dreamlike soundscapes with lots of echo on the guitars and a definite shoegaze vibe, this could be a great band to change the pace a bit at the festival. The enchanting vocals are a perfect fit for the great atmosphere that breathes trough their music. Could be one of my highlights! Think of Bardo Pond and some Slowdive elements. Check their video for the track "Sway", it's a fantastic piece of work! P.s: Visit their Bandcamp page and get that digital download!

5. An Ocean of Storms

Yeah, postrock from my hometown. Meh, I didn't know them untill now... shame on me I guess, so let's find out! An Ocean of Storms only released one track on Bandcamp yet, so much remains a mystery. What I can tell you from this track is that they know how to make a nice Postrock track. Some faster segments and some breathing room during the track, sets the stage for a cool band to discover. I'm eager to get to know them at Boundless Festival and see what else is in their repetoire.

6. Morning Dawn

This Postpunk band is from Den Bosch, the hometown of the W2 Poppodium. They play a mix of Postrock with lots of vocals and some light screamo. The use of instruments is definitely Postrock with a high pitched lead guitar. This music shows that taste is so personal and to be fair, it doesn't resonate with me. But.. some younger visitors who discover a new genre, will dig this band for sure as it's pretty accessible music with some punk elements.

Boundless festival

Boundless festival will be a lovely day for Postrock / Post-metal enthusiasts. The W2 poppodium is a fantastic venue for this kind of festival. It's on sunday april 8 and if you're an open-minded musiclistener who loves a good guitar, be sure to come by. Postrock gigs / festival features some of the most friendly people you can meet and it's such a great opportunity to disocver new music and bands and get to know people that have the same taste. All this and more for just €12, a bargain! Get your tickets right here and be sure to follow this event on Facebook. See you at Boundless festival!