2017: Year in Postrock review

On the brink of another new year, here's the best of the best from 2017! Not a list with 50 albums, just short and sweet advice.

Best album

Winner: Soup - Remedies

So.... Soup from Norway. A cool band with some postrock influences delivered their new album "Remedies" this year. Every once in a while I put on a Soup album, I enjoy it and put it away, so I was mildly interested in this one. From the very first moment this album starts until it finishes, it was captivating. The dreamlike atmosphere, the subtle space sounds, the angelic vocals and those long instrumental segments to really lose yourself in. All tracks are like small stories and can be enjoyed as individual tracks and as a whole album. Well, for more thoughts I would gladly invite you to read my review / analysis of this stunning album. Listen and buy this album right here!


Runner up: Nordic Giants - Amplify Human Vibration

Good music can take you to places and convey certain messages. Welcome to the latest release of this mythic duo. Amplify Human Vibration is an album that truly starts to shine after a couple of listening sessions and specifically for me: after a live show. Upon first listening I liked the album, but not in a special way. Having seen them once at the  mighty Dunk! Festival, I went to W2 poppodium Den Bosch and was floored by the live performance where this new album really came to life. The intensity of the two band-members, their fantasy-like appearance, the accompanied visuals and the music all blended together rather fantastic. It was after this live performance, that I really dived in their new album and I can't stop playing it. The combination of spoken words from historic speeches, the piano, trumpets and hypnotic chanting is truly remarkable and in turbulent times, this album can empower you with renewed trust. Listen and Buy this album right here!


Best Live show

Winner: Meniscus - live at Dunk! Festival 2017

Well, Meniscus sure didn't disappoint at Dunk! 2017. Only a three-piece band (on stage, without the visual artist), but damn... this was intense. The pounding on the drums during "Doom", the many gob-smacking riffs and the spectacular light show and imagery showed us two things: 1. Dunk! festival remains the best stage to deliver the greatness of Postrock. 2. Meniscus is an amazing band. Can you imagine me, being there with my 7 months pregnant girlfriend watching and listening to "Doom": the track I was playing when she called me to give the news she was pregnant? Awesome indeed!


Best Postrock video

Winner: Slowdive - Golden Hair

Not a video from 2017, but I only discovered this one in 2017. Slowdive performing "Golden Hair" live at Lowlands festival in 2014. This is indeed what live shows can add to the intensity of music. Golden Hair is a lovely track, but this longer live performance is a Postrock-lovers dream. The build-up and explosion of distorted guitars is just amazing, go wacht it!