Music submissions: November 2017

Well, the last two months of the year are here. packed full with new series, videogames, concerts.... and.. music submissions! Discover some great new Postrock (inspired) music for the cold, cold winter coming at you soon.

1. Good Weather for an Airstrike

This band from Winchester is already a veteran within the ambient / relaxed postrock scene. Beautiful, melancholic tunes that brings you back to your youth where every image is a bit over-saturated. Every album is a great companion while reading or to just relax and slow down a bit. This is Every Day's new from their upcoming (November 14) album Little Steps. I'm looking forward to this new album, while commuting to work and while I'm ready for bed at home.

2. Before and After Science

Well, after the comforting tunes from "Good Weather for an Airstrike", here's some Postrock / Postmetal from Portugal based Before and After Science. They just released their latest album called Relics & Cycles. It's not just shredding guitars, but a surprising amount of breathing room between the heavier parts. Their music resonates a bit of "If these Trees Could Talk" and should be a good listen if you like the more fat and rough sounding guitars, but with calming interludes.

3. Downriver Dead Men Go

Nice one, slowcore from the Netherlands, it's true! Downriver Dead Men Go already launched a great album in 2015 called Tides and they'll release a new album this year called Departures. Besides a small teaser, there seems to be no new music released yet, but hey, please enjoy this great track from their earlier album and give theme some love on Facebook  . Looking forward to their new album!


4. Angry Man From Mars

This solo project is based around the fact that it costs you about 200 days to travel by spaceship from earth to Mars. In that time, you're able to reflect on your life a bit and that's the starting point of this album. This album doesn't set the world on fire but it's a rather nice listening experience that's well worth your time. Who knows what you'll reflect on while listening to this music? Some lovely guitars and synthesizer sounds are there for you to enjoy.
5. Tús Nua

This one is a nice discovery. A Postrock / shoegaze / progrock combination featuring some lovely shoegaze-esque female vocals. There are some instrumental tracks too. This album has a lot of diversity, but recurring sounds are the distorted guitars and angelic vocal segments. Some louder postrock switching to atmospheric shoegaze, this album is nice combination that seems to fit.

6. I am Wolves

This Belgian based band is busy with their very own Kickstarter campaign, to get some funds for recording and pressing their first proper EP. Their music on their Bandcamp Page shows a lot of diversity which ranges from Postrock to Post metal.  They will record their album in November in Zottegem (yes, you know that place! :-)   ) and need some extra cash. If you like what you hear, give them your support.

7. Téleviser

Wow, Postrock is everywhere. Here's a Postrock band from Nicaragua and it seems they know their stuff. This results in a nice track, supported by a great video. The track shows some nice dynamics with a classic Postrock guitar that carries the track forward. It's a cool song with a great climax that's well worth your attention. Please support these guys on Facebook.