Music submission - july 2017

AydenSummer is here! To amplify your outdoor music, here are some great bands for you to play in your garden, at the beach or on your balcony. Enjoy.






1. Ayden

Poland is just oozing with fantastic Postrock bands. Tides from Nebula, SPOIWO, Signal from Europa.... You can add Ayden too. Their album called Identity is a fantastic Postrock release with hints of metal, synth , prog and that recognizable Eastern Europe style.  That style is difficult to explain, but you know what I'm talking about when you hear it. It involves some great synth background that makes this so recognizable and like-able. There's just some quality sheen on the mix of drums, emotional keys and a shredding guitar. This album could be everything you want from the genre. It's an amazing, uplifting piece of music that deserves your attention. I just wish that album-finisher Exhale was a bit longer, because it builds up great, only to close shop. Nevertheless  there's a lot to like.


2. Katre

Quite possibly the first Postrock band I've heard of from Turkey, great to see there's some stuff going on there too! Their new album is called Encounters and is a mix of Postrock / Post metal with some oriental tunes in it. Sometimes heavy on the use of the E-bow, this album is up for a good listening experience. Just listen to (Existing II) - It's All New, a track that represents the quality of this release.  Be sure to put this one on your list while checking out for new music.


3. Molecules to mind

This release doesn't have the quality recording sounds of Ayden, but the album is a lovely listening experience. This band from Brisbane creates positively atmospheric postrock with soft drums, some breathing room and EITS-style build-ups (old EITS work). Just listen to For small creatures such as we. It's immediately recognisable where inspiration came from, but hey, it sounds good and the album is on a "pay what you want-amount" on Bandcamp, go get it!


4. Voyager 12

Paris based Voyager 12 is a synthwave / ambient band with some addes Postrock elements. Thge last couple of months, I'm listening more and more to synthwave bands like FM84, so Voyager 12 is a nice add to this section. i like the futuristic synth sounds, ambient parts and guitars. The album is free on Bandcamp, so you can try this one with no risks involved. When the city Sleeps is a great track with all components of this album. Lost memories is, yes, a fantastic ambient track with some great ocean-wave effects at the end. Comes recommended if you want some variety in your playlist, the artwork is great too.


5. Liam J. Hennessy

If you like ambient / postrock with an innocent, positive vibe, you're right at home here this summer. From the great Sound in Silence - label comes Held - Liam J. Hennessy. It could be the best background music you'll hear this summer, it will give you good memories for sure. A lovely release from a great label. Enjoy!


6. Ending Satellites

Another great release from France, from the one man band  Ending Satellites. This is their second album, called The Lost Tapes Volume B and is a nice mix of classic postrock with some louder segments and synths, but there's a nice balance. For only €1, this albums can be yours indefinitely.