Music Submission - March 2017

TerraformerWow, what a luxurious life. I'm receiving a lot of music-submissions, so here's another selection of excellent music! Best recommendations: Terraformer and George Will.



1. Cataya - Vis-a-vis

If long Postrock / Post-metal tracks are your forte, you're right at home with Germany based Cataya. Vis-a-vis is a nice blend of styles, combining slower Postrock with some heavy guitar chords turning the whole track into Post-metal.  A cool video for an outstanding track, this is a good way to start this article. Enjoy and check their Bandcamp page!

2. Autism - Film Noir

Let's stay in the Postrock and Post-metal zone and add some progrock into the mix. This is Autism, a band from Lithuania. They create atmospheric and cinematic tracks that takes you on a journey to darker places of the mind. Some spoken words and great guitar riffs like the track "in Anger".  Autism isn't shy of some double bass-drums and the well known but always great guitar waves in the background. The track "Brittle Bones"  is one hell of a dark and atmospheric track.

3. Terraformer - Mineral

Another Post-metal influenced release by the awesome Belgian band Terraformer from the might Dunk! records. Terraformer is a loud band, which I discovered during the amazing forest-gig on Dunk! 2014 festival. Now we have "Mineral" which features the well-known sounds of Terraformer with much more quiet segments for some breathing room. I can imagine that some people don't like that, but hey, I do! I love it when a band knows how to tone down and prepares the listener for shredding guitars. If you can relate to the former description, this album is a must-hear!  An excellent release that should get you excited for their upcoming Dunk!2017 festival show. This will be an absolute beast at Dunk.

But wait! That's not all folks! Terraformer will release a split album on march 17 with Watered and after a quick listening-session, the Terraformer tracks are more old-skool Terraformer. Give it a spin right here on Pretty in Noise.


4. George Will - Dawn

A stunning release that has some resemblance to "Aurora Borealis due to the combination of a classical piano and lead-guitar." That means it has that relaxed Postrock / ambient vibe with some great lead-guitar tunes. George Will is the guitarist from the band Audrey Fall so this guy knows how to make great compositions. I like the style of this album and i;'m sure it will pop up on my music player once in a while for some atmospheric and soothing times.


5. Norma Cluster - Harmonices Mundi

For a rather nice Postrock listening session, I can advise you to listen to this 3-track album by Norma Cluster. The album features three songs with great atmosphere and a combination of classic guitars with slight synth-samples. A pleasure to listen to! This Italian band knows how to make a great composition. It's 3 euro's well spent on their Bandcamp page.

6. No Escaping Gravity

A brand new Finnish Postrock band with vocals, is "No escaping gravity". Cool Postrock guitars and dreamlike echo-vocals that creates an interesting track.