Music submissions: February 2017

HAdesA new year which means a lot of new Postrock to discover! Enjoy some great new music right here.




1. Last Builders of Empire - Hades

Nice, a great discovery to kickstart these new music submissions. Last Builders of Empire is a postrock band from Massachussets that create beautiful soundscapes using distorted guitars and nice tempo-adjustments throughout. There's something uniquely raw to the instruments which creates a nice atmosphere that's best heard on their track "Τάρταρος | Further Below Than Heaven Above". It has some shoegaze effects that blends rather good with the Postrock tunes.  Last Builders of Empire looks like a nice band to add to your collection!


2. Fura - Mutandis

Well, up-tempo is the game here. A fat combination of math rock and postrock, Fura from Spain and Sweden should definitely keep you awake. I'm not that into math-rock based music, but if you dig the older Maybeshewill tracks with lots of different riffs, you'll enjoy this release. There's a nice "fatness" to the recording which creates a pleasant hearing experience. Expect pounding drums, fat bass-guitar licks and fast guitar riffs. A special mention to the lead guitar that does an excellent job in the track above. It's a "Pay what you want"-amount on Bandcamp!


3. Heron - You are here now

Sometimes, you hear the first three to four tunes of a band and you just know this music fits you like a glove. Welcome to Pennsylvania based Heron. It's soothing, well thought-out music that immediately connects with my state-of-mind. When you visit their Bandcamp page, the track "Drop" starts to play and that's a good choice. Some critique, I don't like the first tow songs of this album. Mainly the second track doesn't fit into the bigger piece I guess. Nevertheless, from track three onward the atmosphere of this albums shifts to a high emotional level with music that's best listened to on a summer night, lying in the sweet, damp grass watching the beautiful sky. It's the first album from this band, that immediately features some high-level producing skills. Combined with some gorgeous tracks, Heron is a band that says a big f*cking "hello" to the Postrock genre. Enjoy!


4. Labirinto - Gehenna

Brasilian based Labirinto just released their full stream of their new album "Gehenna". That's a big, fat one hour listening session of gloomy, face-melting music that any Post-Metal / Doom fan can enjoy. Highly atmospheric and not to shy to slow down for a while, it's a great release that should do well at the Roadburn festival.


5. Féroces - Donna

Here's another cool new video-release by French based Féroces.  Nostalgia-infused images that combines perfectly with the music and the spoken words. Let's hope this band keeps up momentum by delivering great videos and music. Well worth a watch!


6. Hemispheres - DeDman

Yes! Another discovery from my home country, Holland. Hemispheres is a small, instrumental band that released their first track . It's a nice listen and I'm eager finding out what this band does next. Enjoy their first track on their Facebook page


7. MSB - Rhabdo

A pretty unusual and kind of harrowing request of MSB. This composer mailed me that he just released a self-produced album that is related to the struggles of his 5 year old son. A boy that has been diagnosed with a tumor in his abdomen. A period that brings a lot of grief, frustration and (let's hope) some more positive moments of a strong kid and parents. This music reflects those emotions well. It's DIY all the way, so it lacks a bit of "thickness", but in combination with this backstory it's well worth a listen. There's lots of ambient atmospheres  mixed with heavy postrock influences. I wish MSB all the best for the nearby future. As a future dad, this story hit me in the guts a bit.... A special mention for the tracks "third, fourth and sixth", those are quite excellent!