Music Submissions: december 2016

endless-diveAnother round of some cool new music that was sent my way! Discover Dutch based Downriver Dead Men Go, new releases by 2 bands from South America, Bulgarian Doom, Canadian ambient and more! 





1. Downriver Dead Men Go

Nice, this band from the Netherlands create depressive postrock / progrock / ambient with vocals. The tracks are very atmospheric and I kind of like the vocals and structures of the tracks. The absolute best track out of the three I've listened to is "Walking away". It's a sad song about depressive thoughts, but that's just where this track shines. The monotone vocals in combination with  more postrock-oriented instrumental parts, create a haunting but beautiful track that you have to listen to. A beautiful track, made in Holland, wow!

2. Volkan

Volkan is an ambient-cinematic-postrock band from Chile. It's a quality release with quieter segments that gradually increases in a more "fat" sound. The best track is a bit louder than lots of other songs on the album and is called Bella Vista: a great track that every fan of Postrock could and should appreciate. Their independently released album Volkan is generously offered as a  "Pay what you want"-amount on their Bandcamp page, so what are you waiting for? Props to the beautiful artwork on the cover of this EP.

3. Labirinto

If you like your Postrock more dark and urgent, this next track fits the bill. It's from Brazil based Labirinto and takes you on a more post-metal trip in the veins of Russian Circles with aggressive riffs. The accompanied imagery as seen in the video is a good companion for building an unnerving atmosphere. Although it's a dark, twisted track and clip, do enjoy this quality track! Enoch is featured on Labirinto's new album Gehenna.


4. Smallman

I got a tip from my colleagues at Stereofox. They raved about this ambient / doom band with vocals from Bulgaria. I don't know the language, but that hasn't bothered me to enjoy Sigur Ros and Solstafir, so I gave this one a listen. Rhodopes has a dark atmosphere with great guitars and pessimistic vocals. It's spiced up with an enchanting female vocalist and this track should be right at home at the Stoner / Doom festival Roadburn  in Tilburg - the Netherlands. If you like this genre, you won't be disappointed.

5. In Light of

This one is a pleasant surprise! A fantastic positively themed album that should fulfill your melancholic ambient / postrock needs. These guys from Canada deliver a creative and uplifting album for a positive ending of each and every day. This release is indeed a Little Treasure! (sorry for the pun :)  )

6. Buffalo 

Yes, please send me a press-release in the Spanish language. Not a lot to tell, people :) But hey, out of curiosity I clicked their Youtube link and was positively surprised by a group that plays jazz-infused Postrock. Grab a nice Whisky and enjoy this mellow, off-the-beaten-path Postrock.


7. Endless Dive

Belgian based Endless Dive just released their first album called Endless Dive. The track Lifthome is a great introduction to this band, but there are some louder tracks on the album like Atoms. Bottom line is that Endless Dive sounds like a cool band from around my area, so yeah, I wholeheartedly support this band and I hope you'll listen to their music.