Alma - Live at W2 Poppodium Den Bosch

Alma EPLondon based Alma in the Netherlands! That's a gig worth visiting, so yea, that's what I did. Some impressions and three live videos inside!


Some critique in the beginning: Sometimes, I'm ashamed of the Dutch crowd, or better... the lack thereof. It's such a pity that this high quality band doesn't get the crowd it deserves. I didn't expect hundreds of people, but this was deeply sad. Well, it resulted in a very intimate show with a whisper-quiet audience so I could enjoy the lazy and soothing tracks which are more than meets the eye. Alma's music is perfect for a melancholic mood. Fed with lots of nostalgia, the crystal clear vocals combines excellent with soothing piano play, low-key synths and calming guitars. The devil is in the detail, because although the music is quite low-key, there's a lot of depth in all the tracks. Vocals get looped as some guitar rhythms and the combination of the loops on the background, the live performance and the omission of a drummer, create deeply compelling tracks for fans of Her name is Calla and Kwoon. That isn't to say that Alma isn't original: should I hear a new Alma song, I guess I can immediately recognize them at their distinct guitar sound. A deeply relaxing evening for me in an intimate atmosphere, I was a happy customer! Three live videos below!

You can buy their music right here!