65Daysofstatic - live at 013 popodium Tilburg

no-mans-sky-ostYesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing 65daysofstatic live in my Hometown, Tilburg! After playing a lot of No Man's Sky, I was eager to hear this album live! Live footage inside!

A Monday evening and a Dutch crowd, a tough job for a band to get those hips shaking. Well, I'm not that kind of guy, but with another week of work ahead of me, I hoped their music would bring me in a translucence state of mind for a minute and yes, 65daysofstatic did the job. Their No Man's Sky album is a soundtrack for a very atmospheric spacey videogame and it shows. Highly energetic / kinetic with as much elektro as classic instruments, the wave of sound they create with this new album reminds me of older M83 tracks with lots more intensity and variety. They played the album with some older classics in the mix like Prism and Radio Protector. A nice variety in tempo, because the No Man's Sky album has a lot of tranquil moments. As always, the 013 venue has second-to-none audio fidelity and all instruments melded perfectly. Damn, what I would do if these guys brought some great visuals to accompany their music.. it would lift the atmosphere into another era. I had a great time, was transported to space a couple of times (do close your eyes sometimes!) and it was a Monday-evening well spent!


Here's life footage of their track "End of the World Sun" from the No Man's Sky album. Enjoy!