Music submission - september 2016

signal-from-europaHi there. Seems like a while ago, sorry for that. Here's some great music I received in my mail the last months. Thanks to all artists for supplying me the info and download codes.


1. Signal from Europa

Wow, the Polish Postrock scene has some beautiful bands like Tides from Nebula and Spoiwo. Please add Signal from Europa to that list. Their album "Dusty Monuments" could be one of the most high-quality released albums of 2016. It's an album full of tracks with erupting guitars, great synths and fantastic quieter segments to let the listener breathe. It doesn't have the intense, almost post-metal style loudness, all tracks remain their original melodic beauty, even in the faster / louder segments.  Their asking price on Bandcamp is just 10 Zloty, which is around €2,50. A steal for this quality album with 4 evocative and lengthy tracks. Signal from Europa creates music with the emotional appeal from the greats of the genre. Another fantastic Polish discovery!

2. Coldbones

Do you still remember Coldbones? I wrote about them 1.5 years ago. They just launched a new video of their track "Where it all Began" which fires on all cilinders with great riffs.  A cool track, shot on a beach with a beautiful sunset. Good to hear new work from these guys!

3. Féroces

I like it when a Postrock outfit tries their best at creating a nice videoclip, accompanying their music. A video can really add to the emotional appeal of their music. So here's Féroces from France. Combining melodic Postrock with some French spoken words, that develops into  a loud track full with thumping bass guitars and a great feeling of urgency. Another nice release that deserves your attention. Catch this band on Bandcamp!


4. Empathy Forever Empty

This Swedish based Postrock group describes their music as : "reflects the depressive, frozen and blasted landscape of Scandinavia through its cathartic noise. " But don't let this dramatic description fool you. This is a great release featuring soaring guitars, eery tunes and some lo-fi shoegaze-style vocals with a depressing theme ("the lyrical themes cover grief through nostalgia, and the philosophy of human beings as nothing more than a tragic misstep on planet earth").  It's classic postrock with a hint of post metal that doesn't sound as depressing as the description. This album called "Death Created Time to Grow the Things That It Would Kill" comes recommended!
5. So Far as I Know

I featured this band before on my Facebook page, but they deserve some more attention. A band from the Siberia that sets the stage on fire. Their track "Cosmogony" is a soaring, epic track that's absolutely fabulous. It's a space-oriented track with great guitars, piano and soaring synths. As if older M83's work is combined with the raw intensity of a loud Caspian. A track with a long build-up that shoots to the sky from the 4:30 minutes mark. Stunning stuff!

6. (Ghost)

You eager for a 34 minutes ambient journey? Listen to "The First Time You Opened Your Eyes" by (Ghost). A track that's perfectly suited as quiet background music or after a day of hard work. It quiets you down, relaxes you and eases your mind. Think of some beautiful locations you've seen in the past, while listening to this hypnotizing tune. You'll thank me later!


  1. Hello guys,

    I am the drummer and founder of a romanian post-rock/post-metal band named Fjord. We just released our second full length album, “Portrait for a Reflection”, and you can listen to it right here: Also, you can use the code: cdbp-vjh4 to download it from

    It will be a great pleasure and honor if you can find time to review our album. It will be so important for us just to see where we stand. If you need anything more from us, we are eager to help you guys with any details you would like.

    Thank you so much!


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