Dunk! 2017 edition: Line-up suggestions

Tides-Of-ManIn the afterglow of the great Dunk! 2016 festival, let's speculate a bit about the upcoming 2017 edition. Here's my suggestion of bands that would be great to have at Dunk! 2017! 

The bands below are in a random order and the bands mentioned are just a suggestion for the Dunk! 2017 festival line-up.



Tides of Man
Dear Dunk people, listen up. This band is so god-damn fantastic, this would be a great and huge announcement for Dunk! 2017. Tides of Man, an American band that almost quit when the singer left the band. But no, they stuck together, launched a crowd-funding campaign and funded their latest album Young and Courageous, one of the best albums released in 2014. A Must hear for every Postrock fan. the Aduiotree live session is amazing too. Please Dunk.. try your best.... and if you can, grab them together with The End of the Ocean



Leeds based iLiKETRAiNS would be a great addition. They played the Dunk! stage in 2013 so it's a great opportunity for them to come back. Heavy on story-telling vocals, this could be a good and creative diversion from most bands. Especially their older work is fantastic. It sounds good at home while listening on your headphones, but with the wall-of-sound capabilities of Dunk, this band would surely create an amazing atmosphere.




German based Frames is one of the highlights within the genre. They created an outstanding album with 2012 released In Via. Heavy on guitars and the synthesizer, just the ability to listen to Departure  and Don't Stay Here  on the Dunk stage should be epic! The news about this band is alarmingly quiet the last 2 years, so I hope they're still around somewhere!



Baulta is a beautiful Postrock band with solid songs that can capture your heart. A perfect band to introduce people to some positive Postrock with all the right ingredients. Very melancholic but also uplifting tracks with great variety.


This could be a headliner of the festival. They played the Dunk! stage in 2011 so it's the right time to have this powerful band back. Expect Post-apocalyptic "the days on earth are over"- kind of music with high energy that would melt your face while playing on the Dunk! main stage.



Not a single Dutch band on the 2016 Dunk! edition... what a shame for my petty country... :-) Time to fix that in 2017. I can especially recommend Tilburg based Cartographer. A combo of Postrock / Progrock with some light metal riffs, these guys will definitely rock the stage and entertain the crowd. Just fantasize that the track below would be the set-finisher on their Dunk! 2016 performance, what an epic thing this will be!


To appease the Post-metal crowd, I can highly recommend Romania based Valerinne. This year, they released an amazing new album called Monumenta  and is a tour-de-force of Post-metal and synths. Loud, brash but with a fantastic emotional vibe in their tunes.


If Anything Happens to the Cat
A fun band from Belgium that's around for a couple of years now and they are steadily improving their music. They found their sweetspot in Postrock-esque indie tracks with a lot of variety. Instrumental tracks, vocals, spoken words.... their just released track Echo Park could leave a melancholic and lasting impression in the stargazer stage.


We Stood Like Kings
Brussel based We Stood Like Kings should be an emotional affair while playing at Dunk! 2017. Just imagine the integral play of their latest album USSR 1926 with at the background, the silent movie where this album is based on. That would be an amazing experience!


We Lost the Sea
Quite possibly one of the most recommended Postrock bands in 2015, We Lost The Sea creates amazingly beautiful and atmospheric music that any Postrock fan would love to hear and see. A nice bonus is the amazing artwork featuring their latest album Departure Songs and they could use this to create a lasting experience on the Dunk! stage.


Korean based Jambinai is a unique band. Featuring a definite Asian style within their music, this is as creative as the genre can get. Some tracks could sound a bit "weird" at first because these guys can light the fire. Other tracks are beautifully delicate, but always interesting. Jambinai could entertain the Dunk! crowd with lots of originality.



An excellent One-man project for the Stargazer stage. Monochromie creates beautiful ambient soundscapes with the power to hypnotize and re-energize the crowd for the louder bands at Dunk! 2017.


Quality stuff from Blueneck, a band from Bristol that features a lot of Postrock influences and highly melancholic vocals that are just amazing. Blueneck can create a fantastic atmosphere with especially emotional music that won't leave anyone cold. On a side: they re-recorded some of the most generic Christmas tracks in astounding Blueneck songs.


  1. BAULTA!!!! YES!!! I heard they are doing gigs now! Some Norway festival this fall and something so make it happen! I would go to dunk! just for them.


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