Must view Postrock: The best live Postrock videos

CaspianThe recent Caspian Audiotree live session inspired me to write an article about the best Postrock videos I've seen and heard of. When you listen to and watch intimate live radiosessions, the video truly captures the soul of the band. This will be a growing article as there are lots of great videos to be found. Please let me know if you think a video deserves a place in this section. Current featuring videos by: Caspian, 65DaysofStatic, Maybeshewill, Mogwai, iLiKETRAiNS, Tides of Man.

Caspian - Audiotree live session 1 + 2

Three years ago, this first Caspian live session was recorded at the Audiotree record studio. Some great tracks from the album Waking Season and a fantastic performance of their magnum opus Sycamore. The second live Audiotree session features tracks from 2015 released Dust & Disquiet with a special mention of the track Run Dry, with vocals from O'Brother front man Tanner Merrit. His raw but soothing vocals really complements the already gut-wrenching atmosphere of this gem.

Audiotree Session #1 - 2012

Audiotree session #2 - 2016


65Dayofstatic - Beatcast Coach Road Session

Highly kinetic, full force electro / synth / drums and shredding guitars in this fantastic quality live session of 65 Daysofstatic. Featuring three tracks from their album We were Exploding anyway. Great close-ups of all the instruments used in this session and a fully concentrated band are the basics of this sure-fire hit.

Maybeshewill - Live at the Y theatre

While busy with their final goodbye tour, Maybeshewill left us a fantastic quality live show with this Live at the Y theatre session. With lots of live music from their (up to debate!) best album "I was there for a moment then I was gone" , great sound-quality and cool shots from this energetic band, this is a must see.


Mogwai - Burning

Well, I do not need words to describe this beautiful beast. 47 minutes of pure black and white Mogwai greatness with exploding moments and a crowd that's hallucinated. Fantastic!


iLiKETRAiNS - A Rook House for Bobby

Some live recordings have some kind of magic in it. This is a good live recording of one of my favorite iLiKETRAiNS songs "A Rook House for Bobby", but the atmosphere and intensity of this live performance is truly transcending.

Tides of man - Live at Audiotree

Good god, Audiotree keeps on delivering. Another fantastic piece of viceo is this live session of Tides of Man. What are you gonna do when your lead-singer quits? Well: make one of the best Postrock albums of 2014 via Crowdfuncing. They sure delivered. While the performance lacks the intensity of Caspians live sessions, the music is too good to ignore. Let's hope they will create another great album in the future.