Music submission - january 2016

AgitaI've got some great new music in my mailbox. If you have a couple of minutes to spend, discover great new music right here!












1. Marlon Brando

This duo from Italy just released their first, free to download (!), EP "Marlon Brando" and features cinematic Postrock with distorted guitars. It's a cool album that's a mix of postrock and stoner with 5 long tracks you can enjoy for free, so..... what are you waiting for? Go to their Bandcamp page.


2. Holy Gallows

Some excellent dark ambient tunes by Memphis based Holy Gallows. Two long, dark and brooding tracks that creeps under your skin and sounds amazing. It's a very atmospheric album that truly captures a gloomy soundscape that is well worth your listening-time. One of the better music submissions I ever had, so go on and listen to this great album. Could be awesome in an intimate setting at the Incubate festival!


3. Jack the Giant Killer
Oh wow, another fantastic submission with very atmospheric and melancholic ambient - postrock by Jack the Giant Killer. The music is very ethereal and it takes me back to the time I was watching 2001: A Space Odyssey. The music is a superb fit to this kind of movie (yes, Interstellar, you mighty beast!). I'm writing this article in a dark , gloomy setting while drinking a delicious Belgium tripel beer and this music fits like a glove. If spacey, minimalistic, spacey soundscapes sounds good to you, this is right up your alley. Great for relaxing and sleeping. The first track is a free download!

4. Charun

Well, after two ambient-esque albums, it's time to wake up again and the Italian dudes from the band "Charun" are up for the challenge. Large soundscapes with loud shredding guitars and quieter tracks for an atmospheric experience is exactly what these guys bring to the table. Pretty nice if you ask me.


5. Ai Margini Della Città

Well, the Italian Postrock scene was very busy this month. Ai Margini Della Città is a band I've featured before and they contacted me about their new track called "Disquiet". Can I geat a Caspian mention here? Thank you!

Last time I heard this band, I was impressed by their track Nordkapp and now, there's "Disquiet". A soothing track, that has a classic Postrock build-up, but it's a very pleasant track. A lot of ell-known tricks within the genre, but nevertheless a good track that's free to download, excellent!