November 2015

The October SolutionWow, it's very busy in my mailbox. Lots of bands promoting their new music. Here's a cool selection of new music to discover. Ambient, Post Metal, Postrock, Dream-pop and more. Includes a lot of free-to-download music.






1. Aradia - Demo (free to download!)

Some Great Postrock offered on a "name your price"  download at their Bandcamp Page, Aradia is a band from Portland, Oregon and their first release offers a selection of 4 tracks that has the same atmosphere as GYBE, but a bit more melodic. Guitars, strings and spoken words sound a bit cliche, but there's a rather nice touch to the songs that make it well worth your listening time and hey, a free download never hurts, does it?


2. BBATV - PEACE is king here (free to download)

BBATV is a solo Postrock project from Nottingham based Robert Currie. Music can be a lifechanger and - saver for some and this fits the bill. He desribes his situation that he recovered from severe depressions and he made this album to strengthen and give meaning to life again. By spreading his music, he hopes to influence people to a happier / better mood. That's a great fit for his music. Soothing, small, quiet and bright, this is great music to listen while lingering in the sun with your head facing the sky. Give it a spin on his Bandcamp page and download the album.


3. Fleur de Lis - In the midst of chaos, there is stillness

Some high quality recorded Postrock can be found right here at this Norwegian Postrock Band. Classic Postrock but with that great Scandinavian touch and some dream-like vocals makes this an excellent release and I highly recommend you give it a spin. You can find their music right here


4. The October Solution - Stolen (free to download)

A new single by dreampop / shoegaze collective The October Solution from Australia. A refreshing track amidst the Postrock waves you'll disover on this site. Expect echo-guitars and dreamy atmospheres and soothing vocals. A nice track for an atmospheric experience. Features great artwork too! Download the track at their Bandcamp page.


5. Dying Sun - Transcendence (free to download)

A different kind of beast: This is Doom / Post-metal / sludge from Frederick, Maryland and it's a collection of heavy stuff. There's a great melodic doom / metal combination for you to enjoy with tracks that features dark atmospheres and lyrics. There's a brooding atmosphere bubbling inside of you while listening to this album, but with great set-pieces and production values, this album comes highly recommended if you love this genre. Man, this would be great on the Roadburn festival in Tilburg. Listen to and download the album on their Bandcamp page.



This Romanian duo will release their new EP at november the 14th via Dunk! records, so that's already a testament to the quality of this music. The two songs that are available for listening right now, are excellent tracks. I particularly like "Sine". A great track with lots of ambient influences, distorted segments and a great piano playing along. I'm eager to here more from these guys, I just have to wait for one week :) Check them out on Bandcamp.