Live Postrock: All Shall be Well and Toundra - W2 Den Bosch

ToundraI just recently saw All Shall be Well and Toundra at the W2 Popodium - Den Bosch. Here's some live footage!






All Shall be Well is one of the better Postrock bands from the Netherlands, as you can read in my review of their album Blauwgeel. To see them live as a support act to Toundra was a big treat. All Shall be Well plays great music full with nostalgia. This is delicate music with some loud moments that gets all the better while seeing them live. They played for almost 45 minutes with the track Buko as a highlight. What starts as a children-song, develops in a true Postrock gem and the way the band uses the instruments is rather cool to see and hear. A nice experience and I hope to see them live once again, very soon.


Toundra is different kind of beast. Much louder and up-tempo, these guys know how to shred their guitars without losing an attractive melodic tune. It kind of reminded me of Maybeshewill, not so music-wise but the performance of the bandmembers. They had fun playing the music and radiated friendship towards each other. It was was a Tuesday, a bit of a "meh" day for the crowd to go wild, but still... people were excited by the music and it was very crowded at the merch-stand. A great evening of Postrock.


  1. It was a realy nice evening.
    I was pleased to be the dj for that night and also very happy to see ASBW and Toundra on the W2 stage.
    Thanks for sharing the footage :)


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