Music submission - September 2015

So Far as I KnowBeen long overdue, I'm very busy with construction works in my new home but that doesn't stop the album submissions (luckily :) ). Discover some great new music from Siberia, New York and Italy.



1. So Far as I Know

This band is from Siberia, deep in the heart of Russia. Postrock is a global affair and it shows. The just released their new album Hidden Poetry and features classic Postrock with added electro / synth tunes. A nice discovery that deserves your attention. This album is available at their Bandcamp Page for just €1. You can't go wrong with this 9-track album, so grab it now (I did :) ). Above is the track Amala, a great example for the rest of the album.

2. Bear Success

A three-piece from New York, Bear Succes just delivered their first EP called Brevira. A pretty uptempo Postrock release which has some ASIWYFA and Maserati-esque influences. It's Postrock with a positive vibe. If that suits you, give it a spin!

3. Ai Margini della Città

This is some lovely music from Italy and feels right at home with Italian art. Check out this Youtube video to see what I mean. Opener Nordkap is a fantastic track to introduce you to the sophisticated music from this band.