Walking around ghost town Doel - Belgium

YoutubePostrock music appeals to a broad spectrum of emotions. A lot of Postrock is a bit dark, melancholic and bleak. Perfect music for setting the tone while walking around the ghost town of Doel - Belgium. Pics and movie inside.

Doel is a small village near Antwerpen, Belgium, right atop the river De Schelde and a nuclear plant. The port of Antwerpen is an important trading point and since the 60's, the government has expanding plans for the docks. The city of Antwerp bought a lot of houses from the Doel's residents, but not everybody got up and left. Nowadays, there are still a couple of residents fighting these plans and they still remain at their homes.


The village is a bit overthrown by nature, graffiti and decay and is a a sight to behold. There's a lot of tragedy to be found here. There's an eerie silence, sometimes broken by church bells and gives a glimpse into a post-apocalyptic world. A Fantastic backdrop for great Postrock music. I wanted to promote a small band and came up with 2015 favorite SPOIWO, melancholic ambient / postrock with a brooding atmosphere, without a feeling of aggression. Watch my collage featuring the track Call me Home by Spoiwo.