Must Hear Postrock: Kwoon - Ayron Norya

A new entry in the list of Must Hear Postrock tracks: Listen to Kwoon - Ayron Norya!

French based Kwoon makes very melancholic Postrock with some astounding vocals. A classic slow build-up with a magical eruption of magical guitars and violins / cellos, this track (to me) tells a dark tale with despair and fear. A long, quiet start sets the stage for a full force emotional impact. A cello creeps in at the 6:10 minutes mark that builds up to a grande finale that I wish would last longer. At 7:25, pianos play a big part and add another layer to this damn fine track. Drums kick in, instruments sounds louder, wait for it.... and there we go! Another great example that a lot of patience while enjoying the quiet segments, gives a good listener the ultimate musical satisfaction. The album When the flowers were singing ends with winter / snow ambient right after this great track. It could be the song of a guy trapped in an avalanche. Due to oxygen shortage, he creeps closer to death with all kinds of hallucinations. The big finale of the track (that ends rather abruptly)  could be the moment when the person dies. When he dies, the track ends abruptly and you can only hear the blizzard raging on. Well, that's my take for this song.

The big question: What does the vocalist whisper at the beginning? I can't seem to hear it quite right.