Final Days Society - Icebreaker

Final Days Society - IcebreakerSwedish based Final Days Society is a band that's within the genre for a pretty long period. After 4 years, they released their album Icebreaker. Listen to some great tracks! 


How to classify them: well, it's a great combo of shoegaze and Postrock with lovely vocals. Some Blueneck and EF esque singing, Sigur Ros-like tunes and classic Postrock guitars creates a soothing album with nice lazy summer night tracks. Excellent stuff that just resonates while listening.

Drifter, the second track of the album, is a great example of the mentioned combinations of sound. I can't help feeling a lot of EF vibes, but  that's a good thing because I love that band.

Album finisher Debris has this classic Postrock build-up and is an excellent track for closing this album. These guys creat a melancholic atmosphere without the darker themes that's so common in the genre. This album consists of mostly positive tracks full of hope. Due to the state of this world, we sure can use some of this. Congratulations to Final Days Society for this excellent album! Get the album from their Bandcamp Page for only €5.