Russian Circles - Live at Roadburn 2015 festival

Russian CirclesI scooped a weekend ticket for the awesome Roadburn festival. 4 days full with heavy guitars and slow, thumping bass. This thursday, russian Circles played a one hour set in 013, Tilburg. I don't think I have to tell you that's an awesome proposition. 13+ minutes live video inside!

As a three-piece they're loud! Man, this is on the outer edge of Postrock bliss with dirty, grizzly guitars and a soul-hitting bassline. Masters of addicting riffs, this was a great performance by a stellar band! The packed venue enjoyed the always spectacular music sounding quality of the 013 pop-podium. Russian Circles already build-up a great discography and is an immediate recommendation for every Postrock fan around.Enjoy some 13+ minutes live footage below!