Live media: Tides from Nebula at Willemeen - Arnhem

Tides from NebulaThe excellent Tides from Nebula played alongside Sleepmakeswaves at poppodium Willemeen, Arnhem. Live media inside!

Tides from Nebula doesn't need an introduction. Powerfull and emotional tracks, combined with shredding guitars and melancholic tunes. They had some technical difficulties, but were great nevertheless. A good combination of songs from their three albums like The Fall of Leviathan and Only with Presence with oh so loud live music that rippled my clothing, is an acknowledgement to how fantastic this music is on a live stage. Nothing comes close, Tides form Nebula is one of the best in the genre.

Tides from Nebula - Purr

Tides from Nebula - Only With Presence

Tides from Nebula - The Fall of Leviathan

Tides from Nebula - Sleepmonster