Junius - Live at Roadburn 2015 festival

juniusJunius played in the Green room at pop-podium 013, Tilburg. Dark, brooding and epic songs combined with perfectly fit vocals, were the recipe of an intense show that got my ears bleeding. Three live videos inside! 

Junius is a band that I stumbled upon a couple of times during my first babysteps into Postrock. As I discovered lots of great new music, I didn't take the time to really listen to Junius repertoire.  DUring the years, I saw the band passing by on the internet a lot, but kept ignoring it. Well, that all changed since yesterday. I saw the announcement of Junius at Roadburn and thought it was the best intro I could get to this band. Live music is always better to judge a band. Man, I had a great time in the packed room. Convinced of the quality of Junius, I bought a shirt and cd and I'm ready to dive in the beauty of their music.


Junius - Battle in the Sky

Junius - All Shall Float

Junis - The Antediluvian Fire