Review: All shall be well - Blauwgeel

AllShallBeWell-BLAUWGEELDamn, truly excellent Postrock from our home country. Read about and listen to All shall be well's excellent release: Blauwgeel!

A fair warning: listen to this album on a good sound-system or a pair of great headphones. The difference of impact is massive. I travel to work by train and listened to this album a couple of times during the busy background noise of travelers, trains and screaming students and it doesn't do the music justice. Not that it ever does, but Blauwgeel is an album that truly shines while listening with some great sounding equipment.

Blauwgeel are the Dutch names for the colors Blue-Yellow and that's a great match for the music displayed on their latest album. It's classic Postrock that doesn't have the raw edge that the (evenly awesome) Cartographer have or the diversity and broad margins of quirky but good I Could Float Here Forever. It's a more tight, true Postrock album. Lots of repeating guitar-loops with sophisticated build-ups. Sounds a bit boring, but hell no, it's one of those releases that magically carries you to a dreamworld. A positive, monochrome-like dream, I must say. Opener For the Ones Whom Neither Past Nor the Future Belong is a fantastic way to set the mood of this album. It kind of reminded me of an  EF atmosphere with its organ and chants. The second track called Some Speak of the Future, Others of the past is the defining track of this album. Shy of 8 minutes excellent guitars, drums and bass. No electro / synth stuff. Raw, classic and beautiful postrock, ready to lift you of your feet into a great atmosphere.

The fourth track called I Do Not Belong should be the climax of the album, but the least likeable track. It lacks a bit of the sophisticated work of the oth, er tracks. The neding segment is great, though. A powerfull and raw conclusion that makes up for the less attractive beginning and middle segment. Luckily, Everything Can Be Anything Else takes a step back and features the trademark sound of this album: repeating guitar loops, excellent ways of adding some extra instruments and hey: the positive atmosphere is back on track.

Album finisher Buko is one of the longer tracks of the album, clocking in well at 8 minutes. An excellent track based on a little story competition. It's a about a boy with a round, coconut shaped head. Weird, but an excellent read with a positive message. To be able to read though, you need the Artwork book sold at their Bandcamp page. It's a daring move from the band: sell your music for free and instead of a physical album, you can buy a rather beautiful artwork book that fits the music like a glove. You'll understand my "monochrome" comment better with the artwork.

It's clear and simple: get their album (for free, if you want!) from Bandcamp if you love your classic postrock with a positive atmosphere but without the fiddly-diddly guitars. An excellent band that deserves your attention. Highly recommended and I'm truly proud to say this fantastic music was made right here, in tiny Holland!


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