Free Postrock: Snöhamn - Stjärnvandra

SnöhamnAnother excellent discovery of free Postrock. Melodic ambient - postrock crossover by Swedish Based Snöhamn!



Snöhamn just released their new 2-track EP called Stjärnvandra and features the title song + 10 minutes long Huldra with its beautiful atmosphere. The title song is up-tempo ambient that develops in some Postrock-waves and is an excellent track for an uplifting mood. Huldra eases your mind with low-key piano and chanting female vocals and minimal drums. It finishes with intenser drumming and some noise elements. A fine background-track while reading / studying or just relaxing. The contrast between both sons is excellent and should be a no brainer for anyone in love with the genre. Get the free album from their Bandcamp Page.