Free Postrock: Distance by Coldbones

Coldbones - DistanceI had a great Postrock submission by Kent / Brighton based Coldbones. This one deserves a special mention on my site because of the sheer quality of the album and the fact that it's generously offered for a "name your price" amount on Bandcamp!

Distance is a 5 track album with classic Postrock tunes. Think classic loud Caspian meets the intimate Explosions in the Sky kind of Postrock. That's a bold statement, but hey, it's a way to describe the kind of music you can expect from this album. It looks like this is the first album the ever released and it's a great one. Melodic tracks with good variety, without losing a certain flow. It sets you on a distant trail and will not let you wander off, untill the album finishes. This is a coherent album with great riffs and structure. Just listen to the track Space and / or watch the video of Far from Living, below. Anyway, I'll stop jabbering, it's free for you to download so what are you waiting for? Get it from Dream Atlantic Records, now!