Christmas is coming!

christmas rockIn a couple of weeks, it's Christmas time. Food, family and awful music. Tired of Wham!, Mariah Carey, Frankie goes to Hollywood (no, wait, you never get tired of FGTH, ok?) and Chris Rea on the radio? Here's some great Christmas - esque postrock to saves those musically dreadful days! By 65daysofstatic, Blueneck, Mogwai and Iliketrains!

1. 65DaysofStatic - I'm dreaming of a White Noise Christmas

Leave it up to 65DaysofStatic for a great noise-christmas track. Thumping beats, rough guitars and some jinglebells are the perfect way to get you in the mood.

2. Iliketrains - The Christmas Tree Ship

Believe it or not, but this album by Iliketrains is one of the best Postrock albums ever released. Why? find out here! This 100% instrumental album by Iilketrains commemorates a group of ships that sunk in Lake Michigan, with no survivors. The ships were transporting Christmas trees. This album ignites an emotional spark in me and is absolutely fabulous! Give this album a full listen session, particularly at the 16 minutes mark when Friday, everybody goodbye begins.


3. Blueneck - Christmas covers

Holy f*ck, this is a big paradox. The awesome Blueneck, covering one of the most cliché Christmas tunes ever: White Christmas, by Bing Crosby. But hey, with the soothing and beautiful vocals of frontman Duncan, combined with great piano play, makes this track well worth listening to. Be sure to stick with it for a while, it will click in a couple of minutes. Here's loads more Blueneck christmas songs: Night of the Meek EP. Great stuff and family friendly.


4. Mogwai - Christmas Steps

Here are some intense Mogwai tunes. The only connection with Christmas is for the sake of the title. It's named after the Christmas Steps street in Bristol - England. It's a nice track with a slow beginning, high middle and slow end. The bass-guitar does his magic in this song. be sure to listen!


5. Iliketrains - Last Christmas

Wham! Here's Last Christmas with some great Iliketrains vocals and tunes. It's so damn odd to hear this version, but it's done delicately. Could be a true Iliketrains track with the storytelling kind of vocals that's so recognizable for the Iliketrains music. Yes, you're allowed to dig this version.


6. Jesu - Christmas

Heavy guitars, drone tunes and vocals with christmas lyrics. All done by Jesu with his typical soundscapes. It's a rather good track that instrumentally fits the dark lyrics shown below:

What will Christmas bring for you this year?
Everything and nothing just the usual tears.
Will you look outside and see nothing but snow?
Or will the Christmas cheer be at a merry low?

Are the sleigh bells ringing in your ear?
And will expectations bring in your happy new year?
And after these days will it all just return?
That Christmas is lost on us and we will never learn?


7. Franky Goes to Hollywood - The Power of Love

Christmas song or not? Guilty Pleasure or not? The fact is that during Christmas time, this track gets a lot of airplay on the radio and rightly so: The Power of Love. Enjoy this special karaoke version!

Have yourself a merry, merry Christmas dear Postrock fans!