Review + Live media: Maybeshewill live at 013 venue, 19/10/2014

Maybeshewill - Fair YouthMaybeshewill back in 013, Tilburg and with a lot of new tracks from their new album. Read a small review + listen and watch to 4 brand new live recordings!

Leicester band Maybeshewill is a very creative band within the genre. Like 65daysofstatic, they don't neglect great electronics, but it's the masterly differences in pace within a song that's the true star of the band. This isn't your classic Postrock-esque band with slow build ups, this is kinetic energy from the first moment they begin to play. They perform oh so skillful that there's only one small downside: It's almost like they don't play live! Luckily for us, they do and they supercharged some songs. Fan favorite Critical Distance has a new and raw finisher for extra oomph.

Their latest two albums (their last album: Fair Youth and their personal best album I was there for a moment and then I was gone ) are a bit more coherent and on the melancholic side, but mixed with some older and louder work, their set-list shined through and through. Combined with the energetic movements of the band members, this live performance is almost faultless. Almost, because concert-finisher He films the Clouds Pt. 2 (Yeah!) missed the vocals! A slight error that got some awkward moments from the band, but they shrugged their shoulders and finished in style. The omission of vocals in that track was interesting for me: Myself and a couple of guys on my left were singing aloud, but it seemed that the biggest part of the audience didn't know the song! It's telling that with their last 2 releases, they expanded their fan base (which is great!). But boy... if you're a fan since the album I was there..., you've got some classic earlier work to discover. What a treat!

Maybeshewill - in Amber

Maybeshewill - Fair Youth

Maybesehwill - All things Transient

Maybesehwill - Not for want of Trying