Postrock Discoveries october 2014

Tides-Of-ManWell, I discovered some excellent new Postrock music that's too good not to share. Enjoy!



1. March - Pictures come and break myself

Some excellent and free downloadable Postrock by March. They contacted me on Facebook and shared their album. It's a great album and you're missing out if you don't download this album for free right now. Nice Guitar sounds and some tracks with shoegaze-vocals which are rather excellent. Great stuff by March, go get yourself a free digital copy and support them on Facebook! And man... the EP cover, what a picture!

Tides of man - Young and Courageous

Holy sh*t! Where did this band come from>? After losing their lead-singer, they decided to quit the vocal stuff and make some instrumental postrock and for me, is the best Postrock discovery of 2014. The crowdfunded album Young and Courageous is great stuff that reminded me of the awesome band Frames. Excellent Postrock with emotionally layered electronics. I got the tip from one of the band-members of Dutch based Cartographer (also excellent Postrock!) and I'm listening to this album ever since. High quality Postrock!