Review: This Will Destroy You - Another Language

This WIll Destroy You - Another LanguageThis Will Destroy You just released their new album Another Language. It's an EP I've listened to all week, this is top on my list in the album top 10 of 2014. Find out why.

Another Language is a different kind of beast then I'm used to by This Will Destroy You. Maybe the title is symbolic for the change in direction. This album is strangely soothing, emotional and comforting... instead of dark and gloomy. We're used to their great build-ups of tracks and that's exactly the thing you'll get while listening this album. The intensity of the tracks, however, is a 180 degrees turn of emotions. Gone are the darker themes and in are melancholic tracks that create a sense of optimism. Maybe it's a small change of direction, but this album inspires me to travel, to see the world and remember how beautiful things can be. Not that the tracks have high pitched sounds, happy kind of stuff. No, ambient spheres with fantastic drumming and soothing guitars are the things that makes this album special. Just listen to the first two songs of the album, New Topia and the two times eruption of sound in Dustism. These two songs pull you right in this emotional rollercoaster of an album, fantastic stuff.

What follows on the third track Serpent Mound is a slow, ambient piece of work with noise effects and nice distorted guitars that creates a cool conclusion of this track. War Prayer is a fun track to me. Their fourth track has a sound-effect that strangely sounds like an ambulance driving here in Holland. It captures the spirit of guys who are saving other lives and is deeply melancholic with a great vibe. It's their longest work, clocking in more than 7 minutes but is a true star of this album with a wall of sound at the ending of blissful ambient, piano, guitars, drums and chant-like effects. One of the albums best tracks!

The Puritan is a slight break in the album with a three minutes ambient tracks for easy listening and the sixth track Mother Opiate continues this atmosphere with easy guitars and lots of synth-waves. It sets the stage for the seventh track called Invitation which starts with parade-like drumming and nice keyboard effects that gets accompanied by guitar-waves that has a bit of a Mogwai-ish atmosphere.

Memory Loss does a great job of cultivating everything that's so awesome about This Will Destroy You's new album Another Language with heavy drumming and a sound that leaves your head wobbling on and on. Finisher God's Teeth lets you float calmly toward the end of this album in which a memory wipe will occur and leaves you wanting to play this album again and again. It's that good. I've read a lot of criticism about this album leaving listeners not all that satisfied. The change of directions to a more positive atmosphere suits me fine. For me, this is hands down the best album of This Will Destroy You yet... go an buy this epic album!