Review+ Live Media: This Will Destroy You live at Incubate 2014

TWDYYes! This Will Destroy You Live at Incubate 2014 festival, what an awesome thing this was. Live media inside!

This Will Destroy You, one of THE legendary postrock bands, finally live for me to see and hear. They played their show in the super cosy "mini-Paradiso" Dudok venue. An atmospheric venue with surprising good sound quality! The show was a mind blowing mix of classic and new tracks, a great opportunity to hear some new classics in the making from the just released Another Language album. TWDY is one of the premier Postrock bands in regard to build-ups in songs. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes a bit lighter, but their layer after layer music-style is second to none. Epic outburst where you think the track is climaxing, but wait! Another layer of sound for more epicness. The show was loud, but goosebumps constantly appeared. A sign for me that there's a great gig happening. A fantastic journey where the crowd was transported to a better world and a big statement that this music is truly beautiful.

Quiet - Live at Incubate 2014

A Three Legged Workhorse - Live at Incubate 2014

Burial at the Presidio Banks - Live at Incubate 2014