Review + Live Media: God is an Astronaut live at Incubate 2014

God is an Astronaut LP coverGod is an Astronaut in Tilburg! Always a moment to celebrate. This time in the cool Midi venue as headline finisher of the Incubate 2014 festival. Review + Live media inside!

Before the gig, the DJ dropped out so I could spin some records before and after the saw, which was cool. A big honour for me.

GOd is an Astronaut (GIAA) had a lot to live up to. After the mindblowing set at Dunk! 2014 festival, my belief in the band was back. Now in Tilburg, they could regain their position as one of the premier live bands within the genre. It was really good to see the band had a great time on stage, GIAA is a band with a heart again. In no small part this is the work of new semi-frontman Jamie. He's a superstar and makes every other member in the band a bit of a rockstar.

A tight set with a great combination of old and newer tracks and once again: the tracks from their latest album Origins really come to life while playing live. Highlight of the evening for me was Red Moon lagoon (see and hear below!). Man, a tornado of sound flew by minute after minute. A small touch of criticism: the music volume was too low. A lot of talking people kept annoying me a couple of times. Ah well, maybe I'm a bit spoiled because of the fantastic show and soundquality at Dunk :-) Also great to hear is some of their older tracks getting supercharged with extra volume, longer riffs. A nice way to update their older work.

Not the face melting show of Dunk again, but nevertheless a great finisher for Incubate. To me, GIAA is really back in the game again and I'm looking forward to the new album and their next live performance in Tilburg. A must see, live!

Red Moon lagoon - Live at incubate 2014

Reverse World - Live at incubate 2014

The Last March - Live at Incubate 2014