Review + Live Media: 65DaysofStatic live at Incubate 2014

65daysofstatic - Wild LightWhat a Line Up at Incubate 2014 festival. This Will Destroy You, God is an Astronaut and....65DaysofStatic! Review + Live media inside.

65DaysofStatic, a highly Kinetic and energetic show was exactly what they delivered. I had my doubts, because for me, the band isn't always as likeable when I listen to their albums. But hey, live shows can have a big influence on anyone's opinion of a band so I was looking forward to this gig. Infused electronics, keyboards, fantastic drumming and blazing guitars made a fantastic show. Their music spruces to life and you just can't resist the feeling of movement in your body. The track Radio Protector was the highlight of their show. Great piano-tunes that develops in a boosting sound where classical music blends into shredding postrock / triphop and much more. A packed Midi gave the show a great vibe, resulting in buying their EP and with a lot of love for this great band. I'm going to listen to their albums again with a different feeling after this gig, awesome!

Prisms - Live at Incubate 2014 festival

Radio Protector - Live at Incubate 2014 festival

Piano Fights - Live at Incubate 2014 festival

Unmake the Wild Light - Live at Incubate 2014 festival.