Must Hear Postrock: Low - Lullaby

Low - I Could live in hopeWow, I just recently heard this song and without a doubt, this deserves a big spot in my Must-Hear Postrock section. Listen to Low - Lullaby!

Minimalistic but crystal clear vocals in the beginning, awesome slowcore guitars and a very melancholic feel to the track, makes this track irresistible. A Spellbinding sound with slow development towards a fantastic musical outburst from around the 5:50 minutes mark without shredding guitars makes this song very coherent. This is from 1994 album I could live in hope, I need to dive into their records more. Hope there's a lot to love. Another great detail: Youtube suggestions lead to the also fantastic track by Blueneck - Lilitu! If you know any great tracks by this band, let me know!