Postrock at Incubate festival 2014 - Tilburg

IncubateEvery year, the city of Tilburg - the Netherlands- hosts an event called Incubate, a week-long indie culture festival featuring great music, film and arts throughout the whole city during 15-21 September. The 2014 edition is especially kind for Postrock lovers, because the line-up is insane. Read about all postrock (esque) bands at Incubate 2014!




1. Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra - Sunday September 21
Well, from the foundations of the small and modest band Godspeed! You Black Emperor, there's this band. The roots of GYBE is definitely there, but with added vocals and heavy violin tunes, this should be a great gig in the Tilburg theaters.


2. 65DaysofStatic - Friday September 19
Form the classic-esque Postrock of Thee Silver Mt. Zion, onto other legends of the scene albeit with a totally different tune. These postrock-electro-synth dudes know how to handle their instruments. Catchy and punchy songs with great synthesizer parts and shredding guitars, 65Daysofstatic is a band that's high on my list to see live. This year marks their ten year anniversary of debut album The fall of Math, so expect a lot of tracks from that album. I seriously hope they'll play some songs from their latest release, Wild Light, which is an awesome album.



3. God is an Astronaut - Sunday September 21
Surely, this band doesn't need any introductions I guess? Man, back in April at Dunk! festival they obliterated the stage. And here I was, thinking that GIAA lost some of their momentum.... this was THE show of Dunk! 2014, totally awesome and should be totally awesome at Incubate too. Wow, what a comeback that was... Be sure not to miss at Incubate! Here's some live footage from the epicness at Dunk!


4. This Will Destroy You - Friday September 19
Boy oh boy.... in the same reigns as Caspian, This Will Destroy You is probably the most anticipated live band I have yet to see and Incubate delivers. These Americans are masters in their genre. Slow, moving tunes with great apocalyptic outbursts. I wish to see and hear Burial on The Presidio Banks, Black DUnes, Little Smoke and Quiet live and I'll be in heavenly hell.


5. Long Distance Calling - Tuesday September 16
German based Long Distance Calling is a band I saw a couple of times already. This is a band that can bridge the gap between more accessible progrock and more indie postrock. With their latest release, they added some (great!) vocals for further accessibility, but with the same power and techniques we're used to. A quality band that, in january 2014, delivered one of the best live performances I've ever witnessed. Great music and the amount of fun they seem to have while performing live...that was a fantastic set and there's hope they'll hit the nail again at Incubate!


6. Kerretta - Monday September 15
This loud, loud three-piece band from New Zealand was also on Dunk! 2014 and that was a face-melter... holy shit, these guys are loud. A perfect gig to grab some high energy for the rest of the festival week.


7. Alice in the Cities - Friday September 19
Quite frankly, I didn't hear of this band befgore Incubate announced that this band will play at the festival. Delving into their music, I can see this is some class(ic) postrock with highly cinematic visuals. Let's hope they'll bring their magical tunes together with some awesome projections on stage. Could be a big surprise for me!


8. Le Seul Elément - Saturday September 20
Another gig that performed at Dunk! 2014. Some heavy stuff from France. Not necessarily loud guitars, but a hellish atmosphere in this 1 person ambient / drone and sludge sounding tracks. Should be an exhausting listening session, but in the right atmosphere, this will get you hypnotized.



9. Dotlights - Sunday September 21
Dotlight, never heard of.... shame on me as a supporter of Dutch / Belgian Postrock acts. This is a one man band from the Netherlands and now has an opportunity to impress me at Incubate. I'll expect a small, intimate gig with dream-like guitars and a soothing atmosphere. Looking forward seeing and hearing this!



10. Adian Baker + Thisquietarmy - Friday September 19
This act is right at home at the Incubate festival. Mysterious, strange and creative. Expect ambient / drome for the quiet listeners and for maximum hypnotizing effects. Really excited how this will turn out, live. Should be visually attractive!

Festival info
If you're not from around Tilburg and you have a working career, I can understand that you can't be there every day. I suggest you'll buy a weekend ticket that will cost you €74,99. You'll experience great Postrock bands like Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra, God is an Astronaut, 65Daysofstatic, This Will Destroy You, Alice in the Cities, Le Seul Elément, Dotlights and Thisquietarmy. Also, you have the time to discover the whole festival with its great art locations and other venues. Get your tickets here: Incubate tickets

For me, this venue will be my new highlight of the year after Dunk! 2014