I Could Float Here Forever - New album "Chrysalis"

ICFHFNice, brand spanking new material from a great Postrock band from the Netherlands: this is Chrysalis from the band I Could Float Here Forever, Free Download!


I Could Float Here Forever is a Postrock / avant-garde / art-rock band from the Netherlands with music that has a lot of tunes with varying speed and rhythms which can surprise you. I saw them live a couple of times and while I enjoyed the performance it's not always the right music to wobble your head, because, quite frankly, you will wobble wrong during the different rhythm segments :-)  I don't want to criticize the band because as I mentioned in an earlier post, the music is great with lots of original scores that's refreshing within the genre.


Anyway, enough of the drama: they just released their new album Chrysalis and my first listening session is absolutely positive. They amped up their recordings with an album that truly sounds great. The tracks have lots of different themes. You can hear some 8-bit tunes, dream-like shoegaze elements, elektronic drums and lots of ambient noises in the background. It's definitely NOT the postrock-esque music that can be instantly catchy. What it is, is a collection of tracks that are positively soothing and calm with lots of original elements that I mentioned earlier. All of the great elements of ICFHF new album comes to life in album finisher Adieu, Pale Friend . Listen below:

Chrysalis is worth of your attention, if only for the creative originality that sometimes is sorely lacking in the genre. Last year ICFHF released some fantastic arty video's on their ICFHF Youtube channel, definitely worth watching. Below, the accompanying video for their album "Chrysalis". Be sure to give the album a listen and download it on a 'Pay what you Want - amount" on their ICFHF Bandcamp Page!