Live Media: Atlantis at Roadburn 2014

Atlantris-Omens-CoverAtlantis was playing at Roadburn 2014 festival. Listen to the 16 + minutes mammoth-track And She Drops The 7th Veil, including live opera-esque vocals by Sanne Mus. What a fantastic performance it was! 

And She Drops The 7th Veil is the longest track of Atlantis last EP: Omens. It's an epic track featuring a short segment of aggressive vocals by Gilson Heitinga and minutes after, beautiful Opera-esque vocals by Sanne Mus. Alas for this live performance, the first 30 seconds of Sanne singing couldn't be heard due to a sleepy sound-guy, but he recovered. When the vocals are there to listen to, it's bone chilling beautiful. This kind of stuff suits Atlantis perfectly and there's hope the'll develop toward this kind of music. Combined with the atmospheric ambient soundscapes, they produce some of the best instrumental tracks to listen to.