Music submission: Divus - Aureola

DivusA great submission from Switzerland just recently launched in my mailbox. Discover and listen to Divus - Aureola. Postrock - Post Metal - Progressive tunes. 






Some loud guitars never fail to impress me and that's what Swiss based Divus delivers. Their first released album Aureola deliver fans of Post-metal / progressive rock some great tunes. There's a lot of music on the album's six tracks, featuring 75+ minutes of great instrumental rock tracks. One example is their longest track, called Anima with some great organic drums in the background that deliver some nice rhythms, accompanied by two lead-guitars actually. One postrock-esque guitar and one more metal oriented guitar.

The entire album has great energy and album-finisher Mosaic III is a great reflection of a very good band that surely know how to make long and engaging tracks. Highly recommended! Give them some love on their