Review + Live Media: An evening with Long Distance Calling, 013 Tilburg

[caption id="attachment_199" align="alignleft" width="150"]An extra long evening with Long Distance Calling An extra long evening with Long Distance Calling[/caption]

Yesterday (4-1-2014) was the fifth time I saw Long Distance Calling Live. I was psyched for two reasons: First of, this show is an extra long evening with long Distance Calling. That surely means more than 2 hours of LDC ripping the stage. Secondly, it's the first time to discover if the new vocal tracks will work live. Read on and listen to a BRAND NEW unreleased track!

I gotta say, this performance by Long Distance Calling was one of the best live shows I've ever witnessed. Fantastic sound quality, experts with their instruments and some great tracks resulted in an awesome show.  Mixing old and new material, one brand new track from their upcoming album which you can listen to below and "Apparitions" as an encore.... fantastic. This truly is a band which music comes to life while hearing them live. The layers of tunes,  the great guitar riffs and long lasting shredding moments without losing control of the melody is amazing. I was sceptic of the added vocals on the album "The Flood Inside", it took some getting used to. Seeing this dude (Martin "Marsen" Fischer) work the keyboards while singing in pitch perfect vocals was great. With the added thrills of live music, these songs have a way better feel. Icing on the cake was a new, unreleased fully instrumental track that could be another fan favorite like "Black Paper Planes" and "Apparitions". Listen for yourself and be sure to see them live when you have the chance!
Brand new, unreleased track


The Man Within


Danzig Cover - How the Gods Kill