Must Hear Postrock: Blueneck - Lilitu

Blueneck_the Fallen HostBlueneck is a fantastic Postrock / ambient / vocal band from Bristol. They make some of the best Postrock tracks with beautiful vocals. Their grand but introvert track Lilitu  definitely deserves a spot in the Must Hear Postrock section. Read and listen why!


Blueneck's vocalist Duncan has a great voice for this kind of music. The heavy cello is ever present and gives the track a melancholic feel to it that prolongs for more than 9 minutes. The cool thing about this track is that it just asks to erupt in that great wall off sound, but never really does. It's a pretty quiet song, but the more emotional if you ask me. And man, that cello and piano sounds... they tear right through your skull. At the 5.35 minutes mark, some subtle electronic drums accompany the vocals and instruments where the track picks up pace and slowly builds up in its own way. The higher pitched and slightly distorted vocals, the more aggressive drumming and cello makes for a different musical climax then you're used to. It's an awesome track and when you're at it: get The Fallen Host  immediately, it's a grand album!


Here's a live review form their gig @The Little Devil Bar - Tilburg last summer: