Review + live media: ICFHF + Kwoon, live @W2 Den Bosch

Tales+and+Dreams+CoverI Could Float Here Forever + Kwoon live in  W2 Den Bosch. Should be an interesting evening of live Postrock! Small review + live media inside!


Another great evening of Postrock! Dutch lads of I Could Float Here Forever as support for French based Kwoon in the great W2 pop-venue in Den Bosch. Kwoon is a fairly big band within the genre, but besides their hit on Youtube - I lived on the moon - for me, they're unknown. Before Kwoon, we have ICFHF with their multi-layered tracks. The cool thing about this band is that lots of rhythms in the drums and guitars are a bit different from what we're used to. In Postrock, there are build-ups, the wall of sound from the guitars, and the unavoidable epic conclusions. It's a formula that ICFHF also uses, as in their guitar sounds it's true Postrock, but their rhythms offer slightly different sounding themes that's interesting but makes the music a bit more difficult to digest when you hear those guys for the first time. I've seen them twice now, and I'm beginning to appreciate this extra touch of originality after a couple of hearing-sessions.  Just listen to  -Then, there was Monoculture-  or listen and watch "To my great dismay she shot me down" below.

Well, time for Kwoon now. I was surprised when they entered the stage. Three guitars, one bass-guitar, drums and a live cellist. The Cello is an instrument that often is imitated by Postrock bands while using a synthesizer, but not Kwoon. Live cello is the deal and it was a great addition to their melancholic tracks. The first track promised some epic Postrock moments, but I would have known better if I knew the band. The tracks feature a lot of vocals and sometimes, the performance sounded almost like singer-songwriter material. That's something I had to get used to and isn't my cup of tea. Luckily, a lot of vocal segments where accompanied by postrock guitars and that oh-so-beautiful girl on the cello. I had a pretty great time, but had some mixed feelings regarding this performance. I really missed some high-power segments in some tracks. Well, that was before the awesome epicness of the track Ayron Norya. After hearing and seeing this track live, I got the feeling I just watched and heard the possibly perfect track. Holy shit, that was intense. The long and quiet tunes with soothing vocals following a fantastic build-up of sounds and effects that reaches climax over climax. Man, I was psyched after this track and then their whole music just clicked: When the earth is cold, dead and forgotten... it's Kwoon that makes the perfect soundtrack for a shimmer of hope....Sometimes too quiet for my tastes, but masters of their instruments with a lot of melancholic tracks and some vastly epic moments.

Kwoon - Bird - Live @W2 Den Bosch

Kwoon - Wark - Live @W2 Den Bosch





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