Review + Live media: Frames, live at de Lakei

FramesGerman based Frames live in Helmond! One of my most anticipated bands to see live, and it just happened yesterday. Small review + lots of media inside!






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After discovering Frames  a year ago, I was treated to some of the best Postrock tracks I've ever heard. Don't Stay Here  is there big Youtube hit (Why? Read here! ), and Departure  is the one track to rule them all. I can't count how many times I've played both tracks or the album, In Via, for that matter. Seeing them live would be totally awesome. Yesterday, there was this gig in de Lakei, Helmond and Frames was there!

Alas, I live in a country where Postrock-music is still largely unknown and underrated and we could all see that due to the amount of people that were in the venue. The big stage wasn't open, so we had to fill our ears with the small bar-venue. Sometimes I'm ashamed of the Dutch alternative scene. Frames delivers awesome music that can have a massive appeal to any rockmusic-lover... Well, let me say that the Dutch crowd is still asleep.

With that said, we had a great start with the first band Cartographer. Proudly Dutch based progressive postrock music and I will write some cool stuff soon. The live video's from yesterday's gig are currently in the editing room. After that warm-up, there was a slightly misplaced band to fill a gap and finally, Frames on the stage! The album is great and not surprisingly, hearing it live is even better! For what the venue was, the sound was good, I just missed the "oomph" of the bass-drums and the heavy guitar-work. Not Frames fault, but they deserve a bigger stage for their marksmanship. The opener was Departure, for me their best track. I was a bit disappointed that this masterpiece was the first track because sometimes, a gig needs some tracks for me to open up and delve into the music. Nevertheless, this was the time for hearing the track live and it delivered in spades. The combination of the different guitar tunes, the blissfully synthesizer-sounds, kicking drums and emotional poem had me wobbling my head up and down frantically. A lot of tracks from their latest release, In Via, like Encounter and Stir and after a while, the other mammoth-song of In Via that is "Don't Stay Here". Luckily, my girlfriend could film this track so I could just enjoy this fantastic music. Another highlight was the energetic track Agenda from the Mosaik album. Live, the band sounds a bit like the kinetic Maybeshewill but a bit more tight. It's a nice discovery and I hadn't made that connection until now.

Ok, so it was way too quiet on the public side of things, but I didn't think it affected Frames. From the charismatic and a bit shy and genius lead-guitarist to the head-banging keyboard player, the band delivered some fine work. For me as a fan, it was great seeing and hearing them live but I can only imagine and hope seeing them live in a gig that better represents their quality. Incubate, Roadburn and Dunk!2014 Festival: listen to Frames and please, book those guys, you hear me!?

Frames - Departure

Frames - Don't Stay Here

 Frames - Encounter

Frames - Agenda

Frames - Stir