Postrock Music Submissions - September 2013

EFIt's been a while, but I received some excellent new music by fairly unknown bands that deserve a lot more recognition and followers on Social media :) Learn about Post-Metal Oceans, Shoegaze / Postrock EF, Ambient Stray Theories, South African Based Postrock / Elektro Jaysynth, classic Postrock by The Severely Departed, Postrock / metal Ghost Flower from Israel and cinematic noise by The Anatomy of Melancholy from Iran!



1. Oceanus - Sirens

Here's a great revive by Hampshire based Oceanus which is coming the 30th of September. I've had the pleasure to listen to the album and must say that it's a quality release. Great Post-metal esque tunes, chanting waves, light vocals and some slight prog-rock influences combined together for an outstanding album. It walks a fine line between dreamy postrock and loud post-metal. Never to dull and never too over-the-top, it's a great album to listen to. I'm impressed with this release and hope you'll give it a spin and watch the release date of the 30th of september. Be sure to follow them on Oceanus - Facebook .


2. EF - Ceremonies

I have to confess something. A couple of days after the release of God is an Astronaut's "Origins", which was highly anticipated, I received Swedish based EF's new album called  Ceremonies  and quite frankly, it kicked GIAA's album in the nuts. That's not to say that "Origins" is bad, it's quite good actually, but Ceremonies by EF caught me by surprise and kept pulling me in. This combination of Shoegaze and Postrock puts a spell on the listener and never let go. Quality vocals which is a pleasure to listen to, a great selection of instruments and never shy trying to experiment without losing the emotional connection of the tracks, this album is rather outstanding. It's an album with a positive atmosphere without sounding too emo. Some great tracks and listening-moments: Track 1, Bells bleed and Bloom  at the 3 minutes mark, personal favorite "Yield, heart! Yield! during the whole 11 minutes, the almost metal-esque Lake Vaettern starting at 4:10 minutes or the Postrock guitarwaves in  Where G Mallory Sleeps, it's great stuff. Highly recommended!




3. Stray Theories 

This is another quality submission. The generous folks from Stray Theories  submitted me a downloadcode for their new album Those who Remain.  Great ambient with some dark tunes, guitars and ethereal soundscapes. This is compelling ambient that's great for easy listening and mind-travelling to dark, alternative places.


4. Jaysynth (free download)

All the way from Johannesburg - South Africa, this is the music by composer Jason Sutherland. The description on Bandcamp reads: "A mix of ambient post-rock leaning toward a classical nature, whilst swelling with lush electronics into climatic comfort." It's a creative description, but yes, it fits well. This is great and comfortable music with an elektro-twist ala The American Dollar band and some M83-esque soundbites.  Get this music for free on Bandcamp


5. The Severely Departed (free download)

This San Francisco based duo released their second album fittingly called Two  in July 2013. It's available for free on their Bandcamp page. It's true, classic Postrock that sounds fittingly recognizable. It stays comfortably within the genre-borders, but nevertheless, it's a nice album to listen. I'll bet this will be great when played live and loud.


6. Ghost Flower

Postrock is all over the world. This band is from Israel and contacted me with a music-submission. Slow and heavy combined, the track Cigarettes / Cacophony is a nice song. The vocals combined with the sometimes heavy guitar reminds me of Polish prog-rock band Riverside. Not too shabby if you ask me. It's a powerful track on its own. The track Webs is very post-metal esque, Sand is rather Posrock-ish. lot's of variation with this band, so tune in on them on Bandcamp/ or Facebook!


7. The Anatomy of Melancholy (free download)

We already had Israel, this is Iran. Cinematic Noise with some Postrock juice is the game here. Slow build-up, very brooding and atmospheric music that's best listened to in a dark environment and headphones on. It's totally free to download from their  Bandcamp-page, so give it a spin!