Review + Live media: Blueneck, live at "Little Devil"- Tilburg

Blueneck_the Fallen HostBristol based Blueneck played their very first show in the Netherlands and I was there. Small review + 3 live videos inside!

Blueneck plays a combination of minimalistic vocals, lo-fi, all out shredding postrock. It's a band with lots of variety that appeals to a certain taste. First off: compliments for the clarity of the sound. The bands sound was great in this small bar. The opener of the setlist immediately kicked in hard with a fully instrumental track that inwardly made me very happy. What a great sound! The setlist after the opener was a combination of mostly tracks from their second EP "The Fallen Host" and their third release "Repetitions". It's a fine choice to almost completely ignore the last release (Epilogue). It's a good album but for a live set to pack a punch, it's not that suited.

There's a big spread during each song with long minimalistic and vocal sections that erupts in quality guitar shredding. It's this combination that Blueneck avoids being the generic Postrock band, but it's also where the danger lies. Some minimalistic sections take a lot of time that's difficult to relate to the attention-span of the public. More experienced listeners know that the explosion of sound that's sure to come, has a bigger punch when you feel you have to wait during the quieter sections. It's not always my cup of tea, but Duncan had a great voice and when the big reward is coming, it's f*cking fantastic. Highlights were the opener (forgive me, for I do not now the name of the track) and the final track "Revelations".

Afterwards, I was the one who got to spin some tracks as a DJ. I've played my share of Postrock tracks, but should there be an extra postrock lover in the room, he was gone immediately. Well, off then to the classics. Later in the evening, the Blueneck members joined me in the backroom with other guests and we all had a blast playing some real 80's rock 'n roll. The Blueneck guys really know how to party and had a massive great time. For me, this was great fun too and I wish them good luck while performing in Dresden today. German fans, don't be too iffy if Duncans voice isn't up to speed today. I think Bon Jovi and John Farnham are to blame :) Thanks guys!

Watch and listen below to three live tracks, played live @ The Little Devil bar - Tilburg.

Blueneck - Low

Blueneck - Sawbones

Blueneck - Revelations