Must Hear Postrock: TWDY-Burial on the Presidio Banks

this-will-destroy-you-this-will-destroy-you-2008Read about and listen to one of the best tracks ever by This Will Destroy You: Burial on the Presidio Banks!

Burial on the Presidio Banks... what an amazing track. A lot of criticism about Postrock are the long build-ups, wait before it gets interesting, et cetera. Well.. f*ck them. True Postrock fans are eager to listen to the build up before the explosion of guitars and drums happen. There is no better way to explain this than with this track. Soothing guitars, accompanied by a violin, the lead guitar and drumming at the two minutes mark...True Postrock fans know that it isn't about the ending phase of a track but the road towards it.This song lures you in with the hypnotic drumming, the whaling guitar-wave in the background and the inevitable explosive eruption during the oh-so-fantastic climax of this song at the 6.20 mark.

I have to see this live with the right kind of listeners who know when to shut up during the quiet sections. Well... I'm going to Dunk! 2014 festival, so maybe there's a slight chance that this will happen. For now, enjoy the magical tunes of This will Destroy You - Burial on the Presidio Banks! P.s: below the Youtube-video there's a link to one of the best live recordings of this track during Dunk! 2012, courtesy of JulicaCry.

JuliaCry's recording of TWDY - Burial on the Presidio Banks, live at Dunk! 2012


  1. Burial On The Presidio Banks.... The track that could bring me tears everytime I went down


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