Postrock Music Submissions: June 2013

SlowrunAll music featured in this item has been submitted by mail, Facebook or  Twitter. Discover lots of talented Postrock (esque) bands right here! Ten bands in this article. New music for you to enjoy! And yes, Rap and Postrock combined! That's something you have to hear, yes? The bands featured are:





1. Monochromie - Dark Ambient
2. Eidola - Mathrock / Postrock / Southern
3. Arsiesys - Classic Postrock
4. Human Pyramids - Uplifting Postrock
5. Echoes of Eon - Postrock / Post Metal
6. Flash the Readies - Postrock with vocals / Indie
7. Slowrun - Classic Postrock (Tip!)
8. Kermit - Avant Garde / Postrock / Jazz influences
9. From Above in the Mountain - Ambient / Postrock
10. Mirrors - Classic Postrock


1. Monochromie

Let's kick off with some rather quiet tunes. "Quiet" is not to be mistaken by "boring", because Monochromie makes beautiful dark, atmospheric ambient with noise effects. Lots of synthesizer stuff, light guitar strings and noise  effects is the deal here. This is ambient done right and I regularly listen to this album for weeks now. You should too! You can find Monochromie's album called "Enlighten Yourself While You Sleep" on Monochromie - Bandcamp for $5.60 and up!


2. Eidola

These 5 sympathetic guys from Prova, Utah, delivered me their album called "The Great Glass Elephants" and featurse full sounding tracks with that typical American Math-Rock style with blazing guitars and almost screamo vocals ins some segments. Other tracks are without vocals and some tracks are minimalistic sounding with heavy piano tunes. It's an album with a little bit for everyone. Track  "Going Nowhere"is pure Math rock, track "Bastard's Fire" is true southern style rock 'n roll and the track "The golden Rule is the golden Rule" is almost true Postrock-ish with vocals. If that diversity appeals to you, please visit the  Eidola - Bandcamppage



3. Arsiesys

Some classic Postrock tunes come from Arsiesys, from France. The band describes their music on Bandcamp as  "Arsiesys depicts a world full of pessimism, where the main theme orbits around the end of the world for man, or even the universe"  Their music sounds much more uplifting than this concept suggests. Just listen to "Tunnel Blanket" from TWDY  for dark, apocalyptic postrock to understand what universe-ending should sound like :-) Nevertheless, "Untill the End of the World EP" is a great sounding album with soothing and loud tunes that stays within the spectrum of classic Postrock. Visit their Bandcamp Page and get your digital album for just €3,-! Album finisher "Why do you leave me so soon" is the best track of the album. You can hear this track below.


4. Human Pyramids - Free download!

Alright, time for some really uplifting Postrock tunes delivered by Human Pyramids. Women chanting and fingerpicking-played guitar tunes is what you get in the track  "Relapse" below. This odd combination does work, because the track sounds rather nice. Teh other two tracks featured for FREE on their Human Pyramids Bandcamp page  stay true to the positive vibe of the track below. Well, you've got nothing to loose, download their 3-traclk Demo EP for free and like them on Facebook.


5. Echoes of Eon

There is a healthy alternative scene going on in Eastern Europe. A lot of Progressive Rock / Postrock / Post - metal bands emerge from those regions and we can add another great sounding band called "Echoes of Eon" Loud, uplifting guitars and great sounding drums from Poland coming at you in big Postrock / Post-metal style. Track "Kallisto"  of the debut- album "Immensity" is a small taste of their quality. Be sure to listen below:


6. Flash the Readies - Free Download!

Another great Eastern Europe band, this time from the Czech Republic.  Postrock / indie with added vocals is the deal here. Their album "In Belvedere" is FREE on their Bandcamp Page. It might not be suited for general Postrock listeners, but hey, you can try the album for free and you might discover another band of interest!


7. Slowrun

Scandinavian countries already gave us a lot of great Postrock Bands like "Late Night Venture" and "The Shaking Sensations".  We can add "Slowrun" to this list. These dudes from Finland just released their debut-album fittingly called "Prologue" Let's hope there's a lot of music still to come, because after a couple listening-sessions, I'm already impressed by the melancholic feel and flow of the tracks. It's classic Postrock, but with enough distinct tunes to steer away from the more generic sounding bands. Good stuff. Maybe I'll do a review later! You should listen to opener "Approaching"  to get a feel from the band. Convinced? Buy their album from their Bandcamp Page!


8. Kermit

This band form Spain contacted me on Twitter and submitted their album "Autoficción". Avant-Garde, Postrock and light Jazz influences is the combination to describe their music. They steer away off the beaten path with creative rythms, guitar tunes and drumbeats. There's a lot of creativity to their music. If you're open to this kind of stuff, please give this band a spin and support them! One of the cooler tracks is "Aicnelav" which you can hear below. Listen to more of their music on their Bandcamp Page.


9. From Above in the Mountain - Free Download!

Ambient / postrock on a full-fledged album that's totally free. Life's good with this nice album from "From above in the mountain". Track three "Belladonna" is already a favorite for me. Great ambient soundwaves and cool postrock sounding guitars is what you can hear. It's a great album you should download before they reach their "free share max" on Bandcamp. Go get it now from their Bandcamp Page!


10. Mirrors

What!? Rap & Postrock? That's something that I (and probably you) never heard before. It's a bit odd, but.... I must say they did a respectable job. Kudos for this creative track you can hear below. It's not the core business of the band "Mirrors" as it's a true Postrock band. Just be sure to check out their other tracks on the album "When Words Leave Off" on their Bandcamp Page. The music is worth it.