Postrock Music Submisson: September 2012

September 2012 Postrock Music Submission

In September, I received a lot of excellent music in my mailbox again. Here's an overview full with new music! Featured bands: Ash of Nubia / The Ills / Architecture of the Universe /  Colaris / ValleRine / Kriva, and...a little surprise at the end (don't tell anyone!)

1. Ash of Nubia

Torino based Ash of Nubia is playing a rather excellent mix of upbeat postrock with hints of progrock (one  track features vocals). Loud guitars and  Maserati band style drumming (Which is excellent!) is what you will hear. The album Medemia Argun  is available for you to download for free from their Bandcamp page and I recommend you do it now because it's f*cking great quality postrock with a lot of diversity, just listen to the track Soft as the Massacre of Suns above. Not only likeable for Postrock-fans, but also for fans of rock 'n roll stuff!

2. The Ills

The Ills is a Postrock / math-rock band from Slovakia and has a very unique guitar sound during almost all of the tracks. It's a combination of accoustic-electric and sounds great. The variety in tempo and the guitar-waves mixes nicely with more shredding tunes and their album Splendor is really worth listening to. Be sure to listen to opener Meet our ghost with an Intention  above. The Ills - Bandcamp

3. A Shelter in the Desert

This is a Mexican based band that features Postrock / Noise and a slight nod to Post-Metal. Long, monumental tracks with great build-ups to epic proportions. The Noise effect give some tracks a nice variety  .  If you like long, epic tracks, A Shelter in the Desert deliver in spades! Be sure to check out their full album called  Maze of Memories on their Bandcamp page !

4. Architecture of the Universe

Architecture of the Universe is based in Italy and treads familiar ground with their album Il grande Freddo. It's a classic example of a quality postrock album that's well worth listening to. You can buy the album on Bandcamp for the small amount of €1, but look further and you'll see a mediafire - download link.

5. Colaris

The most heavy sounding band this month is Colaris. True Post-metal, small segemnets of psychedelic rock  with epic tracks and a great soundquality. It's  3-piece band, but I almost can't believe that due to the sheer "fullness" of the tracks. For raw times with hints of hope, be sure to listen to Colaris  on Bandcamp

6. ValleRine 

Sorry, I lied a bit.... Vallerine is this months loudest band with filthy, dark and moody tracks that can be enjoyed nonetheless. Vallerine is from Romania, the land of Dracula, and these tracks seem fitting for Vampire slaughters and hunts. Theirs a rwa energy in this album that I can really appreciate. Their album called  Kunstformen der Natur is ready for you to download on a "pay what you want" base on Bandcamp
Listen to the raw but awesome track  Ins Meer  above!

7. Kriva

Piano lovers, pay attention! Kriva is the work of solo-artist Bob kriva who has his album featured on Bandcamp for you to listen to and download for free. The mix of shoegaze, elektro, postrock and lead - piano will not appeal to all postrock listeners, but you can't ignore the creativity and hard work this guy ha put in this album. For me, it's a nice diversion of the "standard" postrock music. The track above has gotten me into a Vangelis / Blade runner atmosphere!

8. Caspian

If you made it to the bottom of this page, here's a treat! A 50 minutes live session of Caspian performing lots of old and new tracks (yes, from Waking Season!  )in blistering sound and image quality. Be sure to watch this on Vimeo for HD features. It even has an interview integrated in the perfromance. I MUST MAKE A SEPARATE ITEM OF THIS... but for now, I'll keep it a small secret...

Caspian - Audiotree Live from Audiotree Live on Vimeo.


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