Must Hear Postrock: M83 - Lower your eyelids to die with the Sun

Another round of Must-Hear Postrock! It's been a while, but patience can be a good thing. This entry is all about M83's track: "Lower your Eyelids to die with the Sun"  

This track has a significant meaning to me since last summer. I went to the Ukraine with a good friend of mine and discovered this song on our way back in Prague. When I heard this song in our hostel, I immediately fell in love with it. The song has such an emotional impact and took me back to memories of our great roadtrip in the Ukraine. It's very melancholic, with sonic soundwaves via a big fat synthesizer delivering the fantastic tunes. Soaring skies, thousands and thousands of kilometres asphalt cruising the suburbs, visiting mighty Kiev, soaking the sun at a scenic beach in Crimea.... At 3:12 there's an extra layer of chanting that fills my head with all kind of thoughts... it's THE awesome moment of this track.

I advise you to plug in a headphone, open up a cold beer, bring your memories back to that one special moment / place and let this song embrace your heart... it has that power.... Enjoy!

Lower your eyelids to die with the sun is featured on the 2005 album Before the Dawn Heals us  of M83.