Must Hear Postrock: Frames - Don't Stay Here

For me, currently the best Postrock track ever released.... listen to the band Frames - Don't Stay Here!
This single track is THE reason that Postrock is one of the best and emotional genres within the rock-sphere. Loud piano's, almost metal-esque sounding guitars, xylophones, slow and fast segments ... this track is an emotional tour de force. At the fast segments, this track has such a full sound that leaves you in awe.

The first 30 seconds slowly draws you into this song. After that, there's the quiet drumming, dramatic piano and the first (slow) guitar tunes. At the 1:35 mark the guitar slowly gets the upper hand and at the 2:08 mark.... well......the first epic part of the track that combines everything that's great about this track. It lifts your spirit, you can't sit still, happiness all over! At 3:10 the piano takes the lead for a quiet dreamy atmosphere that lasts for almost 3 minutes, before the piano introduces you again to full eruption of this volcano-like track. The drums, synthesizer, metal-esque guitar riffs, the piano in the background..... I'll quit blabbering... listen for yourself and spread the word...Frames... thanks for this track!

Don't stay Here  is the 8th track of the album In via, released by "Frames" in april 2012.


  1. It's a grand album. My fav would be Departure. Came acroos this band first time when i was helping my friend packing before he migrated to Vietnam. Quite the coincidence. Looking forward to their live show in Helmond.

  2. Its soothing, calm in the first. As you said when they start the riff, all the powerful emotions take place of the calm ones although there is a peaceful synchronicity between them. A meaningful, deep song to take you to the places which you couldn't have imagined going. Its good song while you are studying or doing something productive.


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