Music Submissions: March 2013

After a long pause, here's some great new bands / music for you to discover. Read about and listen to: Arafúra, Environments, LITRO,  Coma Cloud, Arms of Tripoli, and one of the best free Postrock compilations ever!

1. LITRO - Schmetterling
The best musicsubmission I received  last month comes from LITRO, an Italian Postrock band. The track Schmetterling (butterfly) and the accompanied video deserve way more views and listens. It's a fantastic emotional track with a beautiful produced video that sets the mood. Litro plays fairly classic postrock with added synth effects and post processed drumming effects (I hope I got that right :-) ). Be sure to watch this video on 1080p and ride the journey!

You can buy LITRO's album Art is Freedom: Free Yourselves on LITRO - Itunes for €4,99


2. Arafúra - Humores I-IV
Let's start quietly. Relax, don't think about work anymore, you're free and it's time to unwind. When you're finished listening to ambient-esque Arafúra, you're totally zen. This is some great ambient with lot's of soothing soundscapes to escape the stress while working. Slow tunes with great ambient effects and some beautiful woman-chanting in the track you can listen below, is the ultimate relaxing tool. The perfect music for a calm atmosphere. Light up some candles, close your eyes and let Arafúra guide you to serene surroundings. It even works while wearing headphones in a busy city-centre! (minus the candles....)

You can buy the four-track album Humores from €2 and up on Arafúra - Bandcamp

3. Environments
I'll kick it up a notch, however... Environments is also in the ambient segment, but much darker then Arafúra. It's an interesting combination of Drone and Ambient. This guy is an expert in dark atmospheric soundscapes and this album demands your full attention. I especially like the track Aomame. The track gradually develops with constantly higher pitched organ sounds and eventually, you'll hear faded out drums and quietly distorted guitars in the background. It's a brooding track. Album finisher Fathom, Movement, Field is the "loudest" track on the album and also demands a listen.

You can buy the album Fraktal  from Environments - Bandcamp €5 and up.

 4. Coma Cloud
The very generous dudes from Coma Cloud released their self-titled EP for free on Bandcamp. It's great sounding music with cool guitar tunes and an up-tempo rythm. They describe their selves as a Postrock / Hardcore band, but it's mostly Postrock you'll hear. The Hardcore style is recognizable in the final track of the album and is not my cup of tea. But hey, the rest of the album is mighty fine and I recommend you to listen to and download their album from Coma Cloud - Bandcamp right about... now! Listen to their best track Dagu below:

5. Arms of Tripoli 
Los Angeles based Arms of Tripoli informed me of their album called All the fallen Embers which I gave a good spin. It's standard Postrock guitars, but a lot of tracks have a different rythm and feel then what's on offer within the genre. The avoid the classic build-up of songs and have more diversity. That's not to say that the one style is better then the other (I personally really dig the build-up style of the likes of TWDY and The Shaking Sensations), but this album can appeal to different music lovers that don;t necessarily like the long build-ups of tracks. Listen to the track Cliff Dwellings and decide for yourself. The album is availble on Arms of Tripoli - Bandcamp from $5 and up.


6. A Sudden Burst of Colour 
I already featured A Sudden Burst of Colour in an earlier music submission post and was impressed by the quality of the band. They just released a new track and video called Zen. It's a cool track with great drumming rythms and the same positive vibe I got from their earlier submissions. Check out their video right below!

7. Nothing But Hope and Passion - Postrock Compilation
Let''s give the website Nothing but Hope and Passion  a big shout-out for their excellent work in creating this Postrock Compilation for free. Wow, I advise everyone that's only remotely interested in Postrock / instrumental rock / shoegaze to download this compilation and introduce yourself to the many wonders that's Postrock music. This free compilation features The Shaking sensations, Our Ceasing Voice, Kokomo, SleepMakeWaves, ..... and many more. It's Awesome!